“I shave my face” looks completely normal when heard from a man. But same words when heard from a woman- REALLY?? Yes why not!!

Since generations we have heard from mothers and grand mothers that girls should never use razor neither on face nor on body as it will make your hair grow longer and darker. I too followed this advice seriously. Untill I used my mind and thought how a razor can change the quality of my hair when its in genes right???

Last year we saw through some marketing campaigns where every blogger was raving about shaving and every blogger started shaving. It made me think is it only a strategy or there are myths about shaving.


Curiosity made me try it 🙂

I was afraid too before trying

Trust me I was more than happy with the results and since then there is no looking back!

Most of us still are confused about using a razor on face so lets get you covered.Lets see what all should you really expect when you shave your face.

1. Skin will be exfoliated

Really???????? I thought only scrubs do this job. Are you kidding me? No true. A renowned dermatologist once said in an interview that Shaving the face is almost same as using a facial scrub. it removes that unseen superficial dead skin. ther dirt and grime everything!!

2. Makeup will be smoother

Hell yessss! If you are a makeup enthusiast then you can understand this. shaving gives a smooth canvas to work on.


3. Your hair growth will be same like before

Yes, obviously. Shaving has nothing to do with your hormones, genes and DNA which decide the hair attributes. Makes sense right!!! The hair follicle remains same. So be stress free 🙂

4. You need to be consistent

Its same as threading the eyebrows. If you don’t get your eyebrows done it does not matter to you at all-how they look. But after you get brows done the first time then you will feel like doing it regularly as you do not like them grown. We all pluck even one single extra hair. The same goes with shaving the face. Once you shave your face you love it. It becomes smooth instantly. Next time when the hair grows you feel like shaving it. Most of the people shave once a month but it depends on how frequent is the growth of hair.




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Ok ! so shaving the face might sound quite simple but you need to be a little careful or you might get into problem.

  1. Prepare your skin before exfoliation. I use few drops of coconut oil and massage onto the face. It creates a buffer between skin and razor and redness is reduced. You can use any oil.
  2. Post shaving skin care is equally important. Follow skincare routine as it penetrates better after exfoliation.
  3. Technique is the key. You have to shave only in the direction of hair growth.
  4. If you don’t follow the right way you might get in grown hair.
  5.  You might feel razor burn. Sanitize the razor and use it.
  6. Play safe and don’t use razor if you have active acnes.


HAVE ANY QUESTION?? DO SHOOT THEM IN COMMENTS! Share your experience as well.

See you next time.




PS- Images are from google images and pinterest.

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Was thinking whether to shave my face or not. Hope I will remove my facial hair by shaving soon. Thanks for the awesome post