Biotique Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner

Biotique is a brand whose products I always like as claims to be 100% Ayurveda though I am not sure of this.  I love many products from this brand. Lets see if this biotique toner worked for me.

biotique toner


Cucumber is one nature’s greatest cooling and purifying plants with many health benefits . this refreshing pore tightening and purifying lotion is blended with cucumber coriander nutgalls and berberry and peppermint oil and the fresh waters found in the foothills of Himalayas .it is formulated to bring the skin into perfect pH balance and help keep the skin in its purest state.Cucumber is one of primordial cooling and purifying plants in nature with many beneficial health benefits. It is known to reduce skin puffiness and tiredness, and to restore natural skin freshness and tone.

biotique toner


Available for INR 131 on Nykaa


Daruhaldi (Berberis aristata), Dhania (coriandrum sativum), Majuphal (Quercus infectoria), Pudina (Mentha arvensis), Kheera (Cucumis sativus) Q.S.

biotique toner


As I already said I love this brand and I buy the products blindly. Being an Indian when the word Ayurveda comes, most of us think it to be natural and good. This is the one reason I got this toner. The second reason being it works as a pore tightener. I do have big pores on my cheeks area. Well  I use 7 skin method to apply my toner. I will discuss this in my next post. It really helps in getting enough hydration for skin. Even if you are not using this method then make sure you use a spray bottle and then pat your skin lightly to let the toner absorb completely. Don not use a cotton ball and rub it on your face. You never know it may be harsh for your skin.

biotique toner

Coming to this toner, when I first applied it I found it to be very strong. even it’s smell is too over powering. It stings the eyes which again irritated me since I spray it all over my face. But biotique products never fail. They are quite potent. It instantly gives a cooling sensation to the skin. I suppose that the strong smell and cooling feature is because of the peppermint in it. It does not have alcohol so it does not dry out skin at all. It gives you a blast of freshness and leaves skin dewy. It also keeps the oil at bay. I used it both for my AM and PM routine.

This is of course worth the money product. If you are looking for a chemical free toner this summer which does not dig a hole in your pocket then this may be the choice for you. It is of same color as cucumber juice. The bottle has a big piercing. The toner has a watery consistency so it comes out in large quantity. I transfer it in a spray bottle for effective usage.

biotique toner


  • Affordable
  • Available at stores and online
  • Perfect for summers
  • Alcohol free
  • Removes oil


  • Does not tighten pores
  • Stings the eyes

Do share in comments if you have used this toner.


See you next time



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